Open motorboats are designed to fully utilize their potential and provide a lot of free space, which enables its users to adapt them to their needs. They are ideal for water sport fans, who enjoy speeding on the water, but can also be used by anglers who like to move away from the shore for a fishing trip. When fitted with powerful engine these boats can bring a lot of fun for its users.

All open motorboats are easy to transport as their maximum width is 2.5m (8.2 ft) and therefore will fit on a standard boat trailer.

Technical Specification:
Length: 7,50 m   Max. engine power: 120,0 kW
Width: 2,45 m   Max. permissible load: 680 kg
Mass (w/o engine): 1000 kg   Max. capacity: 6
Draught: 0,54 m   Max. total weight: 2100 kg

The J750 Open is very spacious boat, which can accommodate up to 6 people on board.

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Technical specification:
Length: 5,10 m   Max. engine power: 40,0 kW
Width: 2,10 m   Max. permissible load: 425 kg
Mass (w/o engine): 350 kg   Max. capacity: 5
Draught: 0,20 m   Max. total weight: 915 kg

J510 „Berta” is a classic open boat, with reliable and proven design and is easy to control on the water.

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